Here are some top websites online that are related to linguistics and its sub-areas:

Linguist List

This is probably the top linguistics-related website online today.  You can find anything here related to linguistics.  They have linguistics resources, a listing of linguists worldwide, and also job and conference announcements. 


MIT Linguistics

MIT's linguistics department. This is where the father of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky is working.


Glossary of Linguistics Terms

A comprehensive list of linguistics terms.  Do you, for example, not know what a "phoneme" means. Check this dictionary.


Linguistics Society of America

America's linguistics society. They have an annual conference on linguistics.  You can submit an abstract.  They cover all areas of linguistics: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and also language acquisition and sociolinguistics


Center for Applied Linguistics

Those who are interested in applied linguistics


Applied Linguistics

Another site on applied linguistics, providing its definition and such, which is, to my knowledge, still debatable. Does "applied linguistics" refer to "language learning" related issues only? Or is it also about sociolinguistics and other applied areas of linguistics?


TESOL Certification

TESOL Certification resources for those interested in teaching English. Several linguistics departments and programs in the US and Canada also provide a TESOL Certificate for their masters and PhD students. This site gives a listing of all.


Teach English

Teach-english.org.  Provides information as to teaching English home and abroad in dseveral countries. 


Google Directory, Linguistics

This is where you can find lots of websites on linguistics.  It seems a little outdated, but still some of the resources look quite useful.


Linguistic Inquiry

Top journal, in our opinion, on theoretical linguistics.


Linguistics Conferences

A list of leading refereed linguistics conferences, together with information on their recent acceptance rates.



Here are some of the top linguistics websites online.  We've just created this library, and will put more links in the future.  It will hopefully regularly be updated. 








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